Vote with your $$$ and vote with your feet! When possible…

Let A Thousand Nations Bloom

Fairfax, California (population: 7,598) straddles the cosmopolitan haven of San Rafael and the more rural West Marin. It’s a town where everybody seems to know everybody – where town drunks rub elbows with local police, bikers with cyclists, hippies with yuppies, rednecks with tattoo freaks, and pot farmers with cowherds. These charming contradictions have earned Fairfax the nickname of “Mayberry on Acid.”

Good Earth Natural Foods, in the heart of downtown Fairfax, sells groceries to customers who care about recycling post-consumer waste. I had the pleasure of shopping at Good Earth yesterday, and picked up their latest newsletter, The Good Earthling. This issue was promoting organic food as the foundation of good health, and organic soil as the foundation of organic food. The back-page article, titled “Vote with your Dollar!”, says:

The simplest and most poignant form of food activism is voting with your dollar; making every place or…

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On the finer points of the hobby.

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare

One of the things that has always impressed us about the players of IHMN, Daisho and Blood Eagle is their willingness to take part in our community. Not only posting on the Facebook pages or Lead Adventures about their games and their hobby, but also the way they gather around to help other players with advice and sincere encouragement.
When we first wrote IHMN we decided to put in a short piece on conduct – the Golden Rules. This is because both Charles and I play games because we enjoy the camaraderie and fun they create. Any conflict should be on the tabletop, not between the players.
Although it comes over as a little tongue in cheek and, classic Victoriana, we think that it has influenced the community and, attracted the sort of players we ourselves would like to play. It also led to the name of our own…

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A concept whose time is now!

Postmortem Studios

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Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero
Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sir Rupert Triumff dangles from the horns of a dilemma; on one hand is his Duty to Queen and Country, on the other a Moral Obligation to Protect a Secret which could lead to War with a Distant and Mysterious Country. Throw into the mix a sinister plot against the Crown which has framed Triumff as a Traitor. To uphold his Honor and Save the Empire from War and Ruin Sir Rupert duels with swords and wits, spies, romances, and generally Swashbuckles his way through the alleys and across the rooftops of London.

I’ve seen more than one comparison to Flashman and yes, Triumff is a Flashman-esque hero who manages to succeed in spite of himself. Funny, fun and four stars.

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Excellent “Aliens” Colonial Marines vs. Zombies AAR

Dawn of the Lead

Utopia unit 16 was slowly recovering from their disastrous last mission. With Wu and Hämäläinen dead, Trill and McSorley left behind on Ryukyu Epsilon and Evans and Franz-Haugen-Ankerson hospitalized, it was time to bring in some fresh meat. With the losses suffered by the Utopia units, new troopers were transferring in from various sources. Joining the Sweet Sixteenth were

Pvt. Abdul, a polite and well-mannered devout Moslem transferring in from MESA – the Middle East Security Army. With no blemishes on his service record, Abdul’s semi-forced transfer is a bit of a mystery.

Pvt. Swartz, the unit’s new heavy weapons specialist. A jovial Neo-Bavarian with a liking for beer and sausages – lots of both. Schwarz is also from MESA, and he’s a voluntary transfer.

Pvt. “Shaq” Leroy, a medic from the New Orleans isles. Leroy’s not only a capable medic, but very canny in the…

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Neat analysis of the ‘Bioshock Formula’

Postmortem Studios

Bioshock-Infinite-Logo-Large (1)

Bioshock Infinite

I’ve been watching the missus playing Bioshock: Infinite, the indirect but sort of direct sequel to Bioshock and Bioshock 2. As you may or may not know I made an RPG resource for Bioshock which can be found HERE.

Without getting too spoilerific, Infinite lives up to its name and potentially opens up the role-playing possibilities and opportunities in a whole variety of worlds, not just the ones that are presented or hinted at in the Bioshock series so far.

Bioshock, as a game, has great hooks and gets its hooks into you, but it does follow a sort of a formula. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. A formula or structure can help channel creativity and doesn’t (obviously!) indicate any paucity of imagination.

The Bioshock Formula

Extreme Ideology

Each Bioshock game taps into a form of ideology and dials it up to eleven. While the setting and…

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Conversion bits from Mad Robot

Dawn of the Lead

Looking to turn your Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard into Colonial Marines? Mad Robot Miniatures has just the thing for you.

In other words, the 28mm Colonial Marine review has been updated again with some conversion parts for GW plastics. What’s the verdict? Go check it out!

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