So says Mike Gibson at ‘Let a Thousand Nations Bloom.’
I agree with Mr. Gibson’s conclusion: “Truth seeking does not come naturally so if we care about such things, we ought to pay greater attention to the incentives for finding them.”
Brief aside: isn’t ‘moral psychologist’ another way of saying ‘philosophy major?’

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At the Edge, moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt recommends a thought provoking paper on the function of reasoning in human interaction. In case you haven’t heard, it turns out Reason is a shameless lawyer kept on retainer by our desires. We’re hardwired to argue to attain higher in-group status and to form winning coalitions. Contrary to what intellectuals, Kant, Rawlsians, deliberative democrats, and other wordsmiths in the academic zoo will tell you, argument is seldom about truth seeking. It is about winning. Sez Haidt: